Blog- post 14

Half month ago, The Langley Group had to cancel the luxury lunch at the InterContinental hotel The Rialto in Melbourne because it couldn’t get enough paying customers. When they went to cancel it though, they were told they wouldn’t be able to get a refund on the costs, the consultancy company decided to invite the city’s … More Blog- post 14

Blog-post 13

Can’t imagine this is week 9 already! I was trying to recall what I learnt from this class in this term. I would like to share some thoughts about how to run a PR campaign in this blog. Create a smart strategy At the heart of any good PR campaign is a strong strategy. It needs … More Blog-post 13

Blog- post 12

Media is a double-edged sword. The European Union has just approved a proposal to implement Europe’s very first mandatory social media restrictions. In a bid to clamp down on hate speech across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the EU is proposing a law that allows them to block videos which incite hatred or promote terrorism. While … More Blog- post 12

Blog- post 11

What better way to continue on to my eleventh blog post than to address more about how does Chinese market work. Since the second world war, international economic, technological and labor cooperation have become more and more frequent.However, due to different ethnic and national cultural backgrounds, a number of public relations personnel are required to mediate … More Blog- post 11

Blog- post 10

At the beginning of the blog, I mentioned that I will compare with U.S.A and China, what is the difference between their Public Relations. In China, the Public Relations is more highlight about “relationships”. There is an old saying in China, “太上贵德,其次务施报。礼尚往来,往而不来,非礼也;来而不往,亦非礼也。人有礼则安,无礼则危,故曰,礼者不可不学也.” That was from Li Ji, the basic meaning is “In the highest antiquity … More Blog- post 10

Blog-post 9

Since next assignment we will involve with “infographics” ,I would like to learn and know more about infographics in advance. The first time I heard the infographic was in Gateway, I thought it was just a design tool,a graph; however, it also related to PR communication. What is the function for using inforaphics? Basically are graphic visual … More Blog-post 9

Blog-post 8

I read a PR  crisis news today, it was about  a woman claims she found ‘squid-like’ object in Vita Coco product. According to the victim, Kline,  “I still can’t believe this I’m so disgusted it’s the only water I ever drink I will never in my life drink it again … It looks like a … More Blog-post 8

Blog-post 7

After United Airlines and AA, Delta also appeared  customer service issues. And this is another overbooked case happened and it made customers feel upset again. According to CNN news, they reported Brian and Brittany Schear of Huntington Beach, California, told KABC-TV in Los Angeles that they were returning from Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii with their … More Blog-post 7

Blog-post 5

When I reviewed the recent crisis communication news, I was thinking about how a company deal with all the crisis or the negative side about themselves. Well, although some big companies, such as United Airlines, they do happened crisis. So, how can a PR person handle these problem? As a PR student, I would like … More Blog-post 5