Welcome to my blog-Introductory

Hi, welcome to my blog! I guess this is a new place for me to expand my thoughts.

For my blog content, mainly I would like to talk about how I feel and take my thoughts down about some recent news that related to Public Relations filed. I think that is important to know and analyze what happened to a company and how does PR handle the whole thing. And it also could be a lesson from the failure of one’s predecessor, or maybe a successful lesson. Based on these real cases that I  collected for my blog posts, I will think and write about if I were the PR person in this company, how would I deal with this situation.

In addition to talk about PR, I would like to share some information about media field. Also, I’m interested to discuss and compare what the similarity and difference between China and America. Do they have the same idea or method to handle PR crisis if that happened to their company?

If you have different ideas about what I say, feel free to have comments under my post!


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