Blog Post 1- A Little Thought About the United Airlines Case

Recently, there’s a PR crisis happened in United Airlines. What happened in this case is, after the United Airlines overbooked seats, they dragged a passenger from the plane. According to the BBC News, it reported that “It comes after passenger Dr David Dao lost two front teeth and suffered a broken nose when he was forcibly removed from a flight last Sunday.” What happened to the passenger were horrible, not only on physics, it also mentally hurt him(

However, I don’t think the PR department handled well in this case. It is a disaster for United Airlines. After this horrible thing passed, the airline’s chief executive, Oscar Munoz didn’t send a very comfortable statement to public:”This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United. I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers,” he said in a statement. Well, it did make a great disturbance to the public. It makes public feel disappointment and angry. All the negative comments sprung up. Personally speaking, as a leader, they should know and perceive the value of words, and communication.

After the first news release, the United Airlines continuously stated three news releases. The contents emphasized they are sincerely apologize to the passenger, and they are going to fix it and they promise they will do better in the future. It is a lesson for United Airlines; moreover, it tells us that big company also will be faced with PR crisis. Since it has already become a fact, as a PR person, they should deal with the issue promptly and wisely. What public really want to see are, attitude and action.


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