Blog post 2

When I was browsing Adidas yesterday, there’s a news came up the top search, “Adidas Apologizes For Congratulating 2017 Boston Marathon ‘Survivors'”. It attracted my attention.

According to images circulated on social media, the apparel company emailed customers Tuesday with the subject line, “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” When I saw this message, I’m confused at the beginning why Adidas made a release to apologize. After I searched why and read some other news, they apologized because brought back memories of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and wounded more than 260.  As Adidas’ perspective, they didn’t realize “survived” could be a sensitive and controversial word after they posted the message. The original idea for them might just say that’s not easy for those people who insist the whole Marathon race. However, it became a grieved memory for those people who participated in 2013’s race.

Adidas did make a response to public and deeply apologize about this mistake.

It reminds me again, big company should pay more attention when they are sent out message. This type of mistake should have been avoided. How? Personally speaking, when the company wants to send out some e-mail or messages, they should review over and over again and take extra time to see if there’re any inappropriate words or not.


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