Blog-post 4-PR portfolio workshop feedback

This weekend I took the J408 workshop. After the PR Portfolio Workshop, I realized how much important for me to build my resume and portfolio in a planned way. In this workshop, we learned how a portfolio looks like, what we need to include in the portfolio, and how to make our personal brand statement, etc.

There are several parts that make me very impressive. First one is the 3, 30,3 rule. It is a good way to know how people would like to receive information based on this rule. And in that case, we can build our statement or other reflection easily. Another information that I feel impressive is our guest speaker Patty and Andy. The reason why I like that part is, they have their own company, and they have more experience about the real communication strategy on PR. Also they talked lots of tips for portfolio review, that’s really helpful for us. For example, certify our honesty when we facing panels. It is true that we have to be honesty, but at the same time, it is hard to do. Everyone wants to show the best side to panels and let them how excellent I am. But be honesty to panels, tell them what you have and what you know is good quality to yourself.

On Sunday, we also had a portfolio review section. That’s really helpful for me. The lady who review my resume and outline gave e lots of suggestions. As my resume, she told me most people know how to create a basic job resume, but they don’t know how to craft a killer one. If you want your resume more outstanding than others, your resume should be more strategic, not just putting all your work experience in the resume. For example, I have work experience in dinging hall, as this experience , it might seems simple and usual; however, as a strategic to improve is, working in dinging are supporting and helping school to build their reputation. And it makes me feel, there’re something more than experience that I could show in resume.  I really enjoy this workshop, and it is very conducive for me.


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