Blog-post 5

When I reviewed the recent crisis communication news, I was thinking about how a company deal with all the crisis or the negative side about themselves. Well, although some big companies, such as United Airlines, they do happened crisis. So, how can a PR person handle these problem? As a PR student, I would like to share some opinions or suggestions about dealing crisis.

  1. Act quickly: With the progress of  modern society, specially in the digital world, social media may release positive or negative side of a case. If a PR person doesn’t move quickly, the company might be doubted.
  2. Always being prepare about the thing you want to say : After a news release or a news be released out, especially for a big company, you will immediately get the world’s attention. As a professional speaker, you should think in media’s position and be prepared what questions media might asking you. For example, “What’s the reason cause that tragedy? “”Who should be respond that?” etc. All the questions will shot on you. If you answer the question improperly, media or others will make an issue of it. And the outcome will be negative to the company.
  3. Be honesty: Tell the truth is the basic rule for every company. As the guest lecture Pro. Troy talked about, how to make the audience believe in you? I think one of the answer can be honesty. This is the foundation for credibility to build as an organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         There’re many other tips or suggestions for how to handle crisis for PR, but I think these three are just one of the most important points to think about.

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