Blog-post 6-little thought about communication

Is communication easy? If communications were easy, I think everyone would do it well. But the key point is, how to communicate in the effective way?

  • Communication is intended to be a two ways. As a leader in a company, don’t just always talk because you are the leader. At the same time, listener is also one part of communication. Everyone should have a chance to talk. As a subordinate, we should dare to give our own opinion.
  • Use appropriate tone of voice to communicate. One word can mean a different thing when said in a different tone of voice. Use proper voice and tone to communicate with others might have more persuasion to the audience. The same content, if you euphemistically expressed, the other will feel easy to accept and understand, but your tone is tough, it will make the others feel more offensive, band that is not conducive to the solution of the problem.
  •  To stand on the position of each other’s thinking.If everyone has their side, then communication will become complex, and even difficult to proceed. So at the time, to be able to stand on the position of each other’s to consider that the question, it’s easy to find a compromise.
  • Be sure to control your emotions. In communication, you may find each other’s point of view and words will make you feel difficult to accept, and even make you very angry, this time must control own emotions, bad temper will not help things to solve smoothly.

Whether professionally or personally, there is always the need to maintain a healthy and open- minded communication with people around you.


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