Blog-post 7

After United Airlines and AA, Delta also appeared  customer service issues. And this is another overbooked case happened and it made customers feel upset again.

According to CNN news, they reported Brian and Brittany Schear of Huntington Beach, California, told KABC-TV in Los Angeles that they were returning from Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii with their two toddlers. They wanted to put one of the children in a seat they had bought for their 18-year-old son, who instead flew home on an earlier flight. “You and your wife will be in jail … it’s a federal offense if you don’t abide” by an airline crew’s order (

I’m thinking about that why recently have so much crisis happened in Airlines company. I believe it happens all the time about customer service issues, no matter in what kind of company. However, once there’s a case or event attracted public attention, it will also magnify the same trade or occupation.

After this crisis happened, Delta released and made an apology. “We are sorry for the unfortunate experience our customers had with Delta, and we’ve reached out to them to refund their travel and provide additional compensation,” the statement read( service industry need to think after all these series of crisis bump up, apology is just one way to handle the result, what we really need to think is how to handle the customer service issues when it is happening, definitely not threaten to the customer. Sometimes, a complaint will be followed by a request for compensation – typically a refund or a voucher. However, customers often haven’t planned beyond making the issue. In these cases, ask the customer for what they want or what they expect to get. In that way, customers might feel more comfortable and more willing to coordinate with the company. 


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