Blog- post 11

What better way to continue on to my eleventh blog post than to address more about how does Chinese market work.

Since the second world war, international economic, technological and labor cooperation have become more and more frequent.However, due to different ethnic and national cultural backgrounds, a number of public relations personnel are required to mediate and communicate effectively.In fact, the barrier to cross-cultural communication has become the biggest obstacle to further development of multinationals.

As I mentioned in last blog, guan xi关系 in China, to most Chinese, guanxi has its own moral code and serves a necessary social function. In China, “using” a relationship creates an obligation to do something at a later date.

As long as you eventually fulfill that obligation, you are considered ethical. It is the ethical dimension that sets a guanxi relationship apart from money-based or commodified transactions. Guanxi is not the same as corruption because guanxi is relation-focused whereas corruption is transaction-focused. And the relational ethic of guanxi implies that it cannot be bought(Retrieved from:

Moreover, this relationship is not only limited around friends, it also can reach out family. And it will become easier for you to involve into the market while you having a family relationships.

Personal speaking, China PR market is still incomplete. As a applied subject, public relations needs the support of many basic knowledge, such as psychology, sociology, aesthetics, marketing, etc.

We may have its own media experts today, crisis management, government relations experts, but do they all connect together as one part? That is the question we need to figure out.


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