Blog- post 12

Media is a double-edged sword.

The European Union has just approved a proposal to implement Europe’s very first mandatory social media restrictions. In a bid to clamp down on hate speech across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the EU is proposing a law that allows them to block videos which incite hatred or promote terrorism. While these initial proposals were approved yesterday, the new regulations still need to get past the European Parliament before they become official legislation (

In April, a Thai man livestreamed the murder of his 11-month-old daughter on Facebook, leaving two harrowing clips accessible to users for 24 hours before being taken down; however, this is just one of a string of incidents.

The proliferation of such content and fake news on social media has ramped up pressure on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to remove such content promptly, but internet campaigners have warned an excessive crackdown could endanger freedom of speech.

Based on the reading I read, I think the problem is not just aim at Youtube and Facebook. They are just a platform for people to upload and review the videos and news. What we need to think is, how to govern and control the information spreading. More importantly, how to spread by safe way?

Besides, how to effectively control is also important to children. Children learn fast via media, they don’t really know how to distinguish good and bad thing at this point. As the society, adults have responsibility to monitor this media threshold.


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