Blog-post 13

Can’t imagine this is week 9 already! I was trying to recall what I learnt from this class in this term. I would like to share some thoughts about how to run a PR campaign in this blog.

  • Create a smart strategy At the heart of any good PR campaign is a strong strategy. It needs to incorporate all aspects of your company, and be part of the fabric of your operations. This can be a great way to gain coverage, as immediacy is incredibly valuable for journalists and PR person.
  • Take the time to research the best people to send your press releases to, and don’t be afraid to follow up with a brief phone call to ensure they have received what you’ve sent.
  • Use your personal brand If you have a lot of competitors, and you’re all offering roughly the same service, then you need to find something that is unique.
  • Constantly refer to your strategy to assess whether you are meeting your aims and targets or not. PR represents a fantastic, cost effective way to ensure your customers are clued up about what you do, and that you are always broadcasting the most beneficial business image.



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