Blog- post 14

Half month ago, The Langley Group had to cancel the luxury lunch at the InterContinental hotel The Rialto in Melbourne because it couldn’t get enough paying customers.

When they went to cancel it though, they were told they wouldn’t be able to get a refund on the costs, the consultancy company decided to invite the city’s homeless to enjoy a free lunch today instead.

Langley’s Mahta Manzouri told “These people that would normally never have the opportunity to come into a place like that are going to have a full five-star dining experience.

Though they don’t provide accommodation, they ensure the homeless have a full meal three times a day.

As what I read, when the children know that someone invites them to a five-star hotel for free food and drink, they shout and shout excitedly.

I would say, no matter for the hotel or the Langley Group, it was a good action for public. Instead of wasting money and food, they would like to offer the opportunity to the homeless. For the Langley Group, they didn’t expect no refunds,  and this move I believe will greatly increase their reputation. On the other side, the hotel also willing to welcome one hundred homeless people to walk in and provide them a wonderful meal.

Speaking the charity PR support, that is important for us to know how to build trust and your charity’s reputation. For charities to connect with the public, whose support they rely on, they need to start telling stories about the positive differences their work has made to people’s lives.

Where there are difficult questions about the way organisations work – charities should be as open and honest as possible and, if they get things wrong, be clear about the steps they will take to rectify the situation. And I think the Langley Group did a good job for this section.

Using nonprofit or charity as a part to build a company’s reputation is not that easy, the main point is how can you make that right and proper way to present that.


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