“Be profound, be funny, or be quiet.” That’s the goal for myself.

“Hi, I’m Cherry, yeah, like the fruit.” This is how I introduce myself. I was born in Guangdong, China. Currently, I am a junior student and study at Journalism, Public Relations in University of Oregon.

I love communication, and that’s one of the reasons why I choose Public Relations as my major. Honestly, I was a shy and not the type person talked a lot before I came in America. I had one year experience as an exchange student in Michigan. This experience is quite important for me. There are different between America and China in education system. I found out that exam and assignment are not the only things to determine your grade, it’s more about participation in the class, and communication. However, in this environment, it forced me proactive talk to others. This initiative really helped me to improved my skills, not only just for academic aspect, but also about my social skills. I began to take courage try to communicate. Since then, I enjoy communicating with people. That also is my passion for. And I want to make that turn to be my part of career.

In addition to be a student at U of O, I like to do something fun. Everyone has their ow life style, they might be busy, vibrant or heroic. But for me, at least not “dull” as a word to describe my life. Instead, to be funny and active. I like to spend my free time to shot photos and make fun videos with friends. Also, baking is one of my favorites. Although it might failed couple times, I still enjoy the final success.